Monday, January 10, 2011

Nothing says LOVE like ... & 21 Day Challenge Update

Dr. Pepper went out of his way to make my day special.
He baked a Chocolate Fudge Cake.

He flipped burgers in the flipping cold.

He helped the boys put sparklers and candles on the cake.

I'm feeling very loved today.

My boys have given me extra hugs and kisses. 
The youngest used his allowance to buy a special DVD for me.
My neighbor to the "south"
brought me a gift that says she knows me well
(bubble bath and a pedicure set)

I've had many personal, facebook, phone, and blogger birthday wishes.
So far, 36 has been awesome.

Thanks everyone!

PS. Here is my bootroom pic taken today to prove that it's still in order :)
I've got to play the "21 day challenge" fairly.


  1. WOW you have a great family that loves you tons!
    Make a cake.....ya your hubs is a brave man unless he is a chef which if I remember correctly he works with tuff stuff not fluff and stuff!

    Hope you had a wonderful day and the rest of the year is even better!

    BTW ~ Still waiting for your wish list.

  2. I have loved following you on your 21 day challenge - nice work.

    Happy belated birthday too - may you have a wonderful year!



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