Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 15: Medicine Storage

We store our meds
up high
so they are out of little hands' reach.

So, this is the system that I fine tuned this weekend when
Toni gave us the hint that meds would be coming up.

No before pics, but imagine the basket with A LOT of bottles and bandages etc
mish moshed together.

I wanted to keep the basket,
but I wanted to categorize into kids' meds, cold meds, bandages etc.
I used Ziploc freezer bags to categorize
and now I have my medicine file folder style.

I am loving it.

Said Basket.
Notice Dr. Pepper in the background.  He's cooking supper.
I'm a blessed lady :)

Kids' Meds.
Yes, I am doing this while I am waiting for supper to be done.
Table is set :)

 Thermometer with accessories.
 Natural Remedies.
 Zippy medicine folders :)
Up Up and Away
on the top shelf of the pantry.

Day 15 Done.
I'm linking up at A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Thanks for looking.


  1. I love using baskets for storage of just about anything! I also love getting organized. It has such a cleansing feeling =) Have a great day, Andrea

  2. love the basket. lucky lady to have your DH cook


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