Monday, January 3, 2011

21 Day Challenge Day 2 (scroll down to see the embarrassing before photos)

The challenge for today is to clean the surface of your desk.
This is my before:
 And the after:
So I tidied and dusted and it took all of 2 minutes,
sooooo I kinda felt like I was cheating. 
I tend to keep this area clean since it is in my main living area
I tend to stash things in my bedroom
cause guests don't generally go there.
here is the embarrassing before photo:

 Yes, that is a half devoured gingerbread house on the dresser in my bedroom. 
And here it is now.  Phew. 

Yikes... do I really want to post this? 
Anyway,  thanks to Amy for inspiring me to join the challenge.
The challenge is being hosted by Bowl Full of Lemons.
I'll be linking up there. 


  1. love your desk and your dresser looks great now! my dresser looks like your before! i need to organize it

  2. Looks Great! My desk was a total embarrassment....

  3. I was about to be a little peeved that you posted about your desk. lol There wasn't anything to clean up! Not much of a challenge. :) I am glad to see that even people who keep common areas clean have secret messes! Great job on the dresser clean up.

  4. I had to laugh at Lizzie Ann's comment. I was wondering how that desk could ever be considered embarrassing.

    Your dresser looks excellent!

  5. Now I know where to put my gingerbread condo! Save me space in your dresser. I'm a dresser piler too. Great Work!

  6. good job! i'm proud of you sharing your embarassment, makes you more real!! (:

  7. I laughed when I first saw the desk pictures because I could barely notice a difference. Thanks for showing your dirty secret dresser-haha. Um, I think we all have those spaces-and the half-eaten gingerbread house made me smile. It's a house lived in! Great job cleaning-I need to go do some of that!

  8. Had to laugh at the half eaten Gingerbread house, at least yours got put together, I made one that I was going to get all the neices and nephews to help me decorate on christmas day, only to find we were to busy having other fun to do it. So now it is just getting eaten as is. PS thanks for your comments on my site, I have one portion of the desk done now.

  9. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Your spaces look awesome, I love how motivating this challenge is! Will keep checking in on your progress!

  10. I had to play a mini-version of the game--'What's different in these two pictures?' with your desk photo. But the dresser photo--you're being totally real! I love it!


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