Thursday, January 13, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Freezer

Quick Snapshots of my Freezer Before:

OK... here are the before pictures.
It is totally unorganized.

Begone glow sticks, crumbs, and plastic wrap.

I threw out old blueberries and bananas and assorted outdated this and that. 
I wiped everything out.

Now: Meat & Leftover Dutch Meatball Soup Drawer.

Bread, pie crust, tater tots, Bacon bits, ice cream and Cool Whip. 
Really, that is a strange combination... oh well, we don't eat it at once.

It still doesn't look STUNNING, but it is ORGANIZED and CLEAN. 
Ice cubes will be added after the trays have been through the dishwasher.

Thanks Toni.  I'm linking up to the 21 Day Challenge here.

Tomorrow, I will be posting my very first giveaway.  I'm so excited!  I hope you can come back for a chance to win.


  1. Yes, I clean it every week! I've followed Flylady for year so it is one of those little habits I've picked up. But things like keeping the drawers clean, not a habit I'm good at LOL Your freezer looks great :-)

  2. So funny... I just cleaned mine out today it is amazing how good it makes one feel to get organized and tidy : )))

  3. first your spice cabinet looks great!

    i would like this pillow:

    i've been wanting to buy fancy pillows for my bed but seems to be the last thin on the list.


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