Tuesday, January 4, 2011

21 Day Challenge Day 3

Today's challenge is the tupperware storage area.
I'm gonna take some flack for this... I can just tell.

Before I show you the pictures, 
let me tell you a little story:
Once upon a time 
there was a beautiful princess who lived in a very cold kingdom. 
She had A LOT of 
plastic containers - the cheap kind.
Day after day she crammed and slammed them into cupboards and drawers because
she knew that
some day
she would need that many containers.

Day after day, the beautiful princess became increasingly grumpy.
She thought it was just that she lived in such a cold kingdom.
But after a while the frosty princess's brain thawed out and she diagnosed the source of her grumpiness.  
She exclaimed, "I don't ever want to cook so much that I would need to fill all of these containers." 
That very day she ditched most of the discoloured and mismatched
plastic containers and lived happily ever after 
she never had to wrestle with useless plastic containers again.

OK, now if you are still with me,
here are the pics.  The before pics are not that outrageous because
I ruthelessly sort my tupperware.

 So, a little rearranging and wiping down the shelves and we have:
Sigh.  So there it is.  True Story.

You can check out the challenges or other participators' posts in the challenge
at A Bowl full of Lemons.

I hope to see you tomorrow for Day 4 :)


  1. I'm glad you're doing this! I actually saw it on your blog first and though, "I need to do that!!" Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. You did awesome! I hope that I can get #4 done early tomorrow!

  3. Wow, looks awesome!! I was so happy for this challenge!

  4. i'm almost tempted to throw out all my containers too and buy 6 pretty containers. do i really need that many? if i have that many i just forgot about about them in the fridge. i know, yuck!!

  5. That was so much fun to read. Great Job!

  6. It may have taken me a bit, and I have not taken on the whole 21 day challenge, but today I tackled my "Tupperware" cupboard! I threw out some stuff, am taking others to the thrift store, some is hitting the craft cupboard (which is another challenge in itself) and some new stuff is moving in. All in all, things are more organized and I no longer am frustrated by containers that have lids that don't close well... Thanks for the inspiration!


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