Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm Catching Up: Day 13 & Day 1

Today's challenge is the medicine cabinet.
I don't have one
so I worked on this tray that I keep all my beauty potions in :)

I emptied it out, tossed a few things, wiped down the tray and bottles
and Voila:

OK, it's not stunning, but it's clean.

Since I missed the junk drawer challenge
I did penance today and
organized under the bathroom sink and the drawers.

Yikes, there was a lot of hair.  

But it's all organized and clean now. 


Fitting the organizing time into my schedule has been a challenge,
but I am really enjoying
grabbing my spices out of my organized spice cabinet
and towels out of my linen closet.

Now to tackle that pantry - yikes!

Happy weekend. 
I'm linking up @ A Bowl Full of Lemons.


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