Monday, January 10, 2011

Launching & Landing Pad: My Beloved Bootroom

I understand that the area that you enter and leave your house from
is called the launching pad.  I usually call mine the bootroom. I've been working on mine :)

There was bootroom chaos for most of the day,
but now
there is blissful
in my bootroom.

When we built our house
adding the bootroom was really the
only change we made to
the original plans.
So thankful that
our builder made it happen.
BEFORE: What a mess!!!
 AFTER: still packed full... but organized :)
 Baskets labelled with chipboard letters on card stock from my scrapbooking stash. 
 Flip flops and water shoes are tucked away here. 
 Extra mitts and scarves are stashed here.
 Backpacks and all their "fixings" are contained here :)  I am soooo happy about that.
I purchased these amazing swing hooks from Grandma's Attic Home Parties a few years ago.  Dr. Pepper mounted one high for us and one low for the kids (both mounted in studs).  They hold so much stuff and all the members are able to use them independently!!!

Cost: $0 - I used what I had on hand
 the BONUS GOOD NEWS is that
the boys still fit into their winter boots & snowsuits!

I am looking for some decorative items to jazz things up, but for now I'm happy that everything is clean and in it's home.

Hooray, I can cross one more thing off "ThE LiSt" 


  1. Wow! it looks awesome! Will you come tackle my front closet? I loved the "hung on a stud" comment. That's so much the thing with Mike. Even lightweight things should go on a stud. We're bantering over some hooks I bought at Michaels some time ago for the bathroom. They're antique-y, cast iron and heavy and there aren't many studs in the bathroom -- LOL! I think I've found a compromise but now I've got to get him to tackle it with me. :)

  2. Adorable!!! What a difference!! I wish I had a little room like this to organize, but unfortunately, we just have a wide open front entryway, but I love your little baskets with the tags on them - I think I will adopt that idea!

  3. Love that hook! Great job with the organizing. I too use baskets in our mudroom and love it!

  4. wow looks great! awesome job. i'd love to have a room like that

  5. i really like the baskets, I need to incorporate the baskets into our organization scheme of things here at our house

  6. Looking good! I'm in an organizing mood these days too!

  7. Very organized- love the scrapbook touches!

  8. Love the backpacks in baskets! That could solve a lot of the problems I have with them on our launch pad. I'm going to go looking for some and see if I can tweak ours before I post it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. You've done an excellent job, well done!

  10. This looks amazing! So jealous that you have a boot room.. Love all of the cool basket labels you made.. Great Job!

  11. That is in an interesting little room - turned mudroom! It's very cute...and so full of organization! Great job!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun


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