Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spiritual Emergency Room Statistics

I have been at "school" for the last couple of days here.

This is Dr. Dean Radtke
who empowered us with
specific mindsets,
skills, and
organizational structures  that will enable us 
to accomplish more
have a better quality of life.
Now who wouldn't say yes to that? 

This course was specifically geared toward 
churches and ministries,
but some good friends of ours came to glean information for their businesses.

We learned a lot of specific information that I am excited to implement and see the rewards of.  

One thing that I am thinking about:
Dr. Radtke compared churches
to spiritual emergency rooms. 
How well are we meeting the needs of those individuals coming through the doors?
What percentage of people get help
and what percentage of people leave
and never come back? 
What do those statistics look like?

I'm calculating and facing the facts.
I'm thinking
and praying for wisdom
to do a better job so that we can
help a lot more precious people find
healing, help, restoration, and hope
through Jesus.  

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