Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pocket Pillow

I finally finished this today,
I had a "tiny bit of consulting assistance" from my dear friend Tracy putting this pillow together.
OK- she did it and I watched
whilst surfing the bloggyworld
showing her all the cool stuff that y'all are doing.

We took a Gosa Slan pillow (20x26 inch)  from Ikea and
cut it in half.
Tracy measured, cut, and worked her sewing magic.

I cut out the other pocket left on the jeans after using the first on the bulletin board,
and glue gunned it on.

Wahoo for glue-
I can do that all by myself :)

This project was brought to you by the Letter T (for terrific Tracy)
and the Number 1 (for first class help from a first class friend).
Thanks Tracy!!!!

Linked to Crystal's Craft Spot's Accessory Challenge

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  1. This pillow is adorable!! I just made one the other day with pockets too!- for my son's airplane themed room!!! So much fun!! Wish I had a friend come over and create with me! That must be very special!!!

    Have a nice rest of the weekend!


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