Monday, November 8, 2010

e.j. & emma

I am so excited to announce
that a good friend of mine
just opened a
fabulous etsy store.

We lived together in college
and she has a knack for making
BEA-U-TI-FUL  things. 
Look at these amazing things listed in her shop:

This last one is an extra large receiving blanket perfect for
baby boys.
My boys still use their blankets from when they were babies when they are watching movies etc.
If they had had these ones they would be stylin' now :)
A few months ago Rachelle did a giveaway
on her blog mom'ents
and I won this
fabulous bracelet.

Thank you Rachelle! 
I wish you much success on your new endeavour! 
You go girl!!!

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  1. oh! so sweet -- thanks for the shout-out Terri! We're (my mom and I) just having too much fun behind our sewing machines to keep all the lovelies to ourselves. and we've got lots more in the making -- thanks again!


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