Monday, November 8, 2010

Monogrammed Bag

Ashly Ann posted this great project a while back. 
She monogrammed a simple bag beautifully.
Today I found a bag that I thought might work for my take on it.

It has been a bit of trial and error so far.
Canvas vs. burlap
12 inch diameter doily vs. 6 inch diameter doily.
Here is how mine turned out:

I started with:

I used a little painter's tape to attach the doily in place
and then used a Sharpie to colour in the holes.
I placed the chipboard letter in the middle of the pattern and traced it with a pen.
I coloured that in with Sharpie too. I wanted a little bit darker finish,
so I dug out the craft paint and brushes and tried again.
I cut out the center of a larger doily, taped it in place, and painted the holes in order to make the lacy pattern larger.
And Voila!

I'm giving it to a bride to be at a shower on Friday.
I hope that she likes it
and the present inside too.

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