Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vintage Pop Crate

I have been looking for a Dr. Pepper crate...
but so far this is what I found within my budget.

  I popped into the dollar store and grabbed some paint and paintbrushes.
 I tried touching up the original Coca-Cola stamp with white paint... but I wasn't liking the look.  The paint was running beyond the stamp imprint, so I outlined the letters with a Sharpie.
 I used a damp paper towel to lighten up the white paint.

Crate: $3
Paint & Brushes: $2
Total Cost: $5

So far the crate is living outside, but it is looking kind of lonely out there.  I'm on the hunt for some things to pair it with.  I'll post it when I find it :)

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  1. Hi Terri! Today I found a blog that reminded me of your post here (particularly, the running to the dollar store part). Here's a link, maybe you've come across this before? Some nifty things in here, all made very thriftily from recycled and dollar store items.


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