Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pondering Parenting

"He who loves him [his son] is diligent to discipline him. "Proverbs 13:22b

I've been pondering parenting a lot lately. A lot. I'm thinking about it. I'm reading about it. I'm asking parents and grandparents about it. I am seeking God about it.

Often, I feel like I am swimming against the cultural current of contemporary parenting. Anyone else ever feel like that? I grow weary of it at times. But I love my children and I promised before God and my church community that I would do my best to train them up in the ways of the Lord. The stakes are high, eternally high.

I'm reading Boundaries with Kids right now. Here are excerpts, just some of the parts that I've underlined so far.
"But one goal of parenting is to keep an eye on the future. We are raising our children to be responsible adults." p.14
"Certainly, child rearing requires many different interventions. There are times for helping, for not getting involved, or for being strict. But the real issue is this: Is what you are doing being done on purpose? Or are you doing it from reasons that you don't think about such as your own personality, childhood, need of the moment, or fears?" p.14
"Too little freedom to gain experience, and the child forever remains a child. Too much freedom and the child is in danger of hurting himself. So balancing freedom and limits becomes a major task in child rearing." p.19-20
I began this post with a scripture that I came upon tonight. God says that those who love their children are diligent to discipline them.
diligent: constant in effort
attentive and persistent in doing
done or pursued with persevering attention
So if you are on this parenting adventure like I am right now, I pray that you will be inspired, encouraged, and strengthened to express your love to your children by diligently disciplining them.

Post Post Ponderings: When I talk about discipline I am talking about redirection or focus... really discipling (same root word and all).  I hoped that readers realize that I don't mean "punishing".  That would put a whole different spin on the post and one that I certainly had not intended. :)


  1. Sometimes the thought of parenting is completely overwhelming and I'd like to bury my head in the sand. But, as you said, I have promised before God and His believers that I would raise them in the love and knowledge of the Lord. This is something that I pray that I am doing to the best of my ability. My worries and fretting are somewhat calmed when I am reminded of the promise we are given in James 1:5 "If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you."

    The other thought that comes to mind is the similarity of the two words discipline and disciple. As we are to discipline our children diligently, we are also to disciple them diligently.

    Just a few ramblings of what went through my head when I read your blog. :o)


  2. words to think about from both you, T and you, M! I'm thinking I've got to pick up this book for an insightful read. thanks!

  3. Ooo we are reading this in my mommy group at church. It has been really eye-opening. My hubs and I are reading it together too. Great book!


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