Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We're going to give it a whirl :) A very stylish friend of mine is going to be moving onto bigger and better things so she needs to sell the current nest. We're going to "fluff up the pillows" this morning. What fun.... AND she said that she is going to have the coffee on. Can it get any better?

So, these are the principles that I am going in with.
1. Clean makes a house feel like home (her home is always spottless... so we can probably check that off the list already.
2. Simple backgrounds show the most potential. Less is more I'm thinking.
3. Create conversation areas.
4. Clear off the bathroom counters.
5. Remove the personal stuff... photos, great grandma's teeth etc.
6. Clear out the closets of extras. Who really has enough storage space, but let's make it look like we do, shall we.
7. If possible replace or spruce up the bronze for ORB (oil brushed bronze) or brushed nickel doorknobs, light fixtures etc.

Any to add?

Gotta run. I've gotta tidy my nest too :)

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  1. if there's kids: hide the toys. and don't forget the curb appeal (it's their first impression!): some happy colour to welcome buyers!


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