Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Personalized T-shirt Tutorial

Here's the how to info. Please remember that this involves bleach that is harmful to skin and has yucky fumes. Please take precautions as necessary to keep you and yours safe and happy.

When I saw that this craft involved this, I knew my boys would be WAY into it.

So I gathered a the supplies and a plain T-shirt for each boy.

I freehand cut freezer paper letters and ironed them onto each shirt. Bigger shapes/letters work better as tiny ones are hard to iron on with good seals.

I intended to do this outside. It would have worked better to have the shirts hanging from a clothesline, as squirt guns and spray bottles work better when they are held upright. But we had one of those afternoon thunder storms and I didn't want to wait any longer so we improvised using the bathtub. I cut up a lino remnant into rectangles to slip into the shirts to give them shape as well as protecting the back from bleach seeping through. With a bleach filled spray bottle I gave the shirts a quick mist with the finest sprayer. Then the boys sprayed their shirts with the toy water gun.

Then we watched and waited.

When it looked right, I rinsed the shirts in cool water and tossed them into the washer.

After they came out of the dryer, they were ready to wear.

*I found this idea in my blog wanderings. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find it back, so I can't give credit yet. If you know where it is posted in blogland, please leave the info as a comment and I will give the proper link info.

Found it: http://http//ashleyannphotography.com/blog/2010/06/11/summer-fun-custom-bleached-shirt/

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