Monday, December 27, 2010

In Memororium

This picture of my mom's family was taken the Sunday before her oldest sister bravely boarded a boat
to immigrate to Canada (1953).  Later, my mom boarded the same boat to make the same journey.  They would leave the rest of their family in the Netherlands. 
My mom is the beauty on the far right.
As a child, my mom used to say that she always wanted to be able to see the tower in her hometown. 
Our ideas are sometimes so different than God's purposes.  
Love and providence took her across the Atlantic to settle in Canada in 1954. 

Yesterday one of my mom's sister (the one standing in the photograph) in the Netherlands went to be with Jesus.
I only knew her a little bit. 
but I remember her to be kind, real, and full of life.

She will be greatly missed. 


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