Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Banquet Decor

This past week I had the privilege of decorating
for a banquet that our church puts on
for the pastors of all the churches in our area.

A friend and I tromped through the snow to find that branch and
Dr. Pepper sawed it into pieces for me.
I like the texture that the natural bark adds.

I always decorate a table for the workers too.
Often, it is slightly different than the other tables. 
I used a rectangular tray instead of the square that I used for the others.  The jumbo tea lights were on inverted water glasses instead of the bits of wood that the other ones were on.

Resource List:
I found the natural cedar and pine, the glittered twigs, as well as the jumbo tea lights at Walmart.
I picked up chestnuts at the grocery store.
The tree ornaments and pine cones came from the stash we have at church.
The white trays were from Costco, but that was a few years ago now.


  1. The table centerpieces are gorgeous, like some thing out of a magazine! Beautiful, Terri! I LOVE all the earthy - ness of it!!!


  2. This is great!

    Come enter for a chance to win a pair of free sandals!

  3. I did a similar thing at my friend's church. So much fun. Yours is beautiful. Saw you at SNS.

  4. Lovely! Your centerpieces are beautiful and so creative! I love all of the natural elements and how they transform the simple tea lights into something elegant!


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