Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentined Winter Wreath

I love my twiggy winter wreath.
I purchased it at a local store.
I am sure that I will get my money's worth out of it because
the length of our Canadian winter
allows me to have it up for about half the year.  
 But I thought that I would add a little Valentine love for the next couple of weeks.
So, off to the dollar store where I found these babies:
 These are glittered Styrofoam hearts stuck on wire sticks.
At first I weaved the sticks into the wreath. 
But the white wires were distracting.
So, I pulled the heart off the stick and popped it right onto the twigs.

Happy Valentines Day.
Remember to hug the ones that you love cause life is precious.


  1. LOVE it!!
    What a super quick super cute way to add a pop of color and decorating to your door. I have a similar wreath and i've been contimplating a chic-cycle rehab for it. After seeing your post I may have to make a trip to the dollar store.

  2. I love that wreath did you make it? I like the Dollar Store heart add on.

  3. That's really pretty Ter! Happy Valentine's day! I was thinking about you today. Hopefully we'll talk again soon.


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