Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Big 1-0!

10 years ago today life began... married life that is. And what a ride it has been. We've bought and built a home. We've been blessed with two wonderful boys. We've had lots of adventures and many many laughs. It has been wonderful. It has also been difficult. We've been through numerous job losses, seperation due to retraining or work away from home, miscarriage, a very sick baby, Ronald McDonald House :), baby home on O2, both of us working full time and having childcare issues, surgeries, as well as bad dreams and bad days. Likely, if I hadn't married this most kind, Christian, and hilarious man in the world TEN years ago neither of us would have had to walk through a lot of these difficult things. But would I trade it? Not for a second.

I'm ready to hold his hand for another 50 +, thanking God for him all the way.

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