Sunday, July 4, 2010

This isn't goodbye!

We had a send off party for a dear family who are moving six hours north to start a church. What an exciting time, but a little bittersweet. On the other hand, a different family from far away are moving here and are just moments away from arriving at their new home. Bittersweet for them, but just sweet for us.
As we left the party I declared, "This is not goodbye". Distance doesn't steal friendships or relationships, unless you let it. It changes things, that's for sure. But I'm sticking to it, "This is not goodbye."

Here are the centerpieces that we went with for the par-tay. They were on ivory tablecloths, but I forgot to take my camera this morning. So these after the fact photos will just have to do :)


  1. I love how our "final" centerpiece turned out. I am sure your friends appreciated all your effort! Where did you find the candle that looks like a rock?

  2. I love all the different textures and layers. Way to keep at it. The Feng Shui's a flowin. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Very nice to meet you.


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