Friday, March 11, 2011

Winter R&R&R&R (Rest, Recreation, Reading, and Rolling)

We've had enough REST lately with all that sick
and we were itching to get outside for some
Just in case I was feeling wimpy and wanted
to warm up in the van,
I stashed my
in my purse.
On the way home we got our
hot chocolate and treats 'cause we
had to get in on the real Canadian pastime:
ROLLING up the rim :)

 I hope your weekend is bringing you some R&R
(whatever that may be for you).


  1. Looks like a great time! We might have to head outside soon for a little energy burning. :o) And since I'd have to drive into town to do some Rolling, we'll have homemade hot chocolate here! Hope your weekend is fabulous and healthy! (By the way, have you won anything yet? Not here...)

  2. Cool post! Family is the best! I have read Battlefields of the Mind and Brain Rules, but not that other one. May I ask what it is?

    Hey I thought I'd share my blog with you....if you'd like..?



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